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Trek in the valley of the Toubkal Mountain

15Above Marrakech, the Toubkal massif forms a barrier overlooking green valleys and irrigated plains. The ascent of Mount Toubkal (4167 m), the highest point in Morocco, offers spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains and, to the south, the “Sarhro” and “Siroua” mountains and the desert plains. A paradise for trekkers and hikers. When to go […]

Sahara and its mysteries

It is not for nothing that Morocco is also nicknamed the country of dunes: its desert expanses are conducive to the formation of these sand dunes, making part of the Moroccan landscape so atypical. The desert of Merzouga Peace and quiet, a total change of scenery… That’s what the vast expanses of the Merzouga desert […]

Dakhla is the new water sports heaven

Dakhla is a small piece of paradise in southern Morocco, lost between the waters of the Atlantic and the sands of the Sahara. Being there is a delight to be enjoyed without moderation. Kilometers of beaches stretch out on both sides of the city: an opportunity to relax, an opportunity to indulge in all sorts […]