Trek in the valley of the Toubkal Mountain

15Above Marrakech, the Toubkal massif forms a barrier overlooking green valleys and irrigated plains. The ascent of Mount Toubkal (4167 m), the highest point in Morocco, offers spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains and, to the south, the “Sarhro” and “Siroua” mountains and the desert plains. A paradise for trekkers and hikers.

When to go to Toubkal?

With a mountain climate – very hot in summer, temperate in spring and autumn, cold in winter – Toubkal can be visited from November to April. In spring and autumn for trekking and hiking, and in winter to enjoy the snowy slopes on ski touring.

What to do in Toubkal ?

A trek to the top of Toubkal (4167 m) offers a beautiful overview of the Moroccan mountains: alpine relief, stone villages, traditional way of life… With the objective of climbing the djebel Toubkal, nicknamed “the mountain of mountains” by the Berbers. Sporting trek to discover, from the highest point of Morocco, the whole Atlas.

The ascent of the “4000” of Toubkal: if the mountain Toubkal dominates the eponymous massif, it has for neighbors great summits accessible by crossing valleys and less known passes, such as Adrar n’Derm (4001 m), Ouanoukrim (4088 m) or Bouguinoussen (4025 m).

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